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Our Talent Pipelining services and Talent Communities deliver high quality, executive talent solutions, for multiple senior hires, with the added benefit of providing an ongoing pipeline of candidates for future hires.

Talent Pipelines are created for immediate hiring requirements and Talent Communities represent qualified and engaged “talent-in-waiting”, to facilitate and support medium term resourcing plans.

Our Talent Pipelines and Talent Communities are delivered via extensive research activities, resulting in market and talent landscape mapping. They are designed to allow our clients to create (take out “100%”) bespoke communities of pre-screened, qualified and engaged talent. Often required for niche, hard to fill roles across multiple locations internationally, Talent Pipelines and Talent Communities can be used to resource multiple and volume hiring requirements without incurring the costs associated with per head (have removed speech marks) fee models.

We believe that the most effective way of giving our clients what they want, is to work closely with them. Our solution is developed in partnership with our clients. Facilitated through rigorous bespoke research, we complement and support our clients’ in-house talent acquisition teams, “capacity building” as and when needed.

We’ll work with you to create a tailored strategy that meets the needs of your organisation and ensures that you have direct access to high quality, relevant talent that is engaged and represents a strong cultural fit for your organisation.

We’ll develop a working relationship and become an extension of your internal talent acquisition team. We’ll work with you, to ensure that regardless of projects’ scale and complexity, we’ll create a solution that is seamless and delivers on agreed KPIs. Our talent acquisition programmes are innovative, insight driven and tailored to your needs.

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Case Study

Talent Pipelines & Talent Communities

The creation of each Talent Community solution is unique, but here are a few things that we often recommend for the creation of bespoke Talent Communities:

  • A large-scale programme of research to identify agreed specific niche/technical/commercial skills sets across specified geographical locations

  • A bespoke, branded microsite to advertise opportunities and enable candidate application and registration

  • Social media strategy development and delivery to support candidate attraction

  • Comprehensive telephone screening to qualify potential Talent Community members

  • Formal Talent Community invitation

  • Ongoing management of your Talent Community


  • Speed – reduced time to hire

  • Cost – compared to (take out “the”) traditional recruitment method

  • Quality – in-depth research approach, ensuring best in class candidates are identified and engaged with

  • Understanding your markets – significant sector and international experience

  • Best fit candidates – time is taken to understand candidates, allowing closer role and cultural fit

  • Recurring Return on Investment – talent pipeline delivered for both immediate and future hiring needs