In order to achieve a well-balanced BAME staff population that mirrored its student cohort, a college of Further Education wished to create a talent pipeline of high quality BAME talent across a range of professional, support and central functions.



  • A comprehensive programme of research was undertaken, to identify BAME talent working in the education sector within a 25 mile radius of the college. Thereafter, the research was widened to incorporate non education organisations from which high calibre transferable skills could be sourced for both support and central function roles

  • Over 200 individuals were engaged with and the college’s desire to build a diverse BAME staff and colleague population was shared with all f those contacted. People were encouraged to consider a potential career move to the college, with information shared around various job family opportunities as well as current staff and student insights.

  • Contacts were encouraged to share their medium term career aspirations

  • A selected cohort of the overall population was invited to consider near-future employment by the client and submit CVs for the college’s consideration



  • The client received a comprehensive and current overview of the BAME talent cohort in the relatively local education sector. Additionally, insights into the non education BAME talent landscape were provided and used to attract high quality candidates with relevant transferable skills

  • 31 high quality BAME candidates were introduced to the college as candidates for immediate and medium term hiring